The corporate culture at KSB is shaped by the organisation’s clearly defined values. Staff also have an opportunity to discuss what these values mean within the context of day-to-day business with Board of Management members such as Dr. Peter Buthmann (right).


  • First-time consolidations increase Group headcount
  • KSB internal pump technology course
  • Communication on corporate values expanded

To remain a global technology leader, we rely on the commitment and the performance of our employees. We create space for their ideas, team spirit and desire for continuous improvement. Our collaboration is based on the values of trust, honesty, responsibility, professionalism and appreciation.


The number of employees in the Group as at 31 December 2011 increased by 977 year on year to 15,674. This 6.6 % increase was primarily due to companies consolidated for the first time in 2011. These new Group companies employed 532 individuals at year-end. KSB AG in Germany too increased its headcount by 91, partly in order to be able to implement ongoing and planned strategic projects.


To be able to implement our Group strategy and achieve our corporate goals, we need to work out our future staffing needs as precisely as possible and ensure that these are met in good time. For this reason, we have developed a strategic human resources planning method and applied it for the first time in the year under review. We use it to determine current staff numbers for all KSB’s areas of activities, and compare these numbers with anticipated requirements for the coming years. Significant planning factors include the area-specific growth targets, the age range and skills and qualifications of our workforce, and the staff numbers needed to lead our planned strategic projects for the years up to 2018 to success. Based on the collected data, we develop HR management measures early on, ranging from education and training to refilling and creating new positions.


Competition for the best skilled staff and executives has intensified, especially in our home market of Europe. We have therefore also started to look for experienced professionals and specialists in other regions, to be deployed at our European sites. In order to be globally attractive to potential applicants, we are raising our profile as an international employer with global deployment capabilities.

As a result of demographic changes and our own high demand for skilled workers, we have in recent years continually increased the number of commercial and technical trainee positions that we offer. In Germany, we are currently preparing 406 young people for later employment in the company. Together with vocational colleges, we provide our trainees with technical, methodological and social skills and abilities. We continually invest in our training workshop machinery so that apprentices train on state-of-the-art machining equipment. In the year under review we spent a total of € 8.4 million on vocational training in Germany.

To cover our own future engineering needs, we take on graduates from universities or universities of applied sciences, as well as trainee engineers on combined vocational training and degree programmes. In Germany, 63 young people are currently completing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or business administration while working for KSB.

If permitted by the local training system, we also offer this dual work / study system at sites outside Germany. In 2011 for the first time, Luxembourg-based SISTO Armaturen S.A., the Trier University of Applied Sciences, the Education Ministry of Luxembourg and the local Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement for a dual work / study programme. This five-year degree course combines production technology studies with a vocational training in mechatronics at SISTO Armaturen S.A.


We aim to continuously develop the skills of our staff, and thereby prepare them for new and challenging tasks. At the same time we need to ensure that they keep their knowledge up to date and adapt to the changes in their daily work. The range of courses offered by our TrainingCenter and individual KSB companies provides broad coverage for our requirements and is supplemented with external seminars where necessary.

Our internal training programme includes foreign language and IT courses, business and technical training courses, as well as personal development and health management events.

E-learning is playing an ever-increasing role in our training portfolio. It allows employees to receive training via their workplace computers or even at home. “Electronic learning” is particularly suitable for KSB because our global organisational structure prohibits us from offering all events in a classroom training format for mobility and cost reasons. Since October 2011, all e-learning courses have been available throughout the Group on the “KSB E-Academy” Internet platform.

In the year under review we included for the first time the internally developed course entitled “Pump Applications Professional”. This is a one-year course for engineers and technicians on pump technology and its applications. In 2011, 22 employees enrolled for this KSB course.

We use various IT systems to serve our customers quickly and individually. These help us collect the necessary data and process and coordinate all customer-oriented processes. At the end of 2010 we launched our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This tool supports Marketing, Sales and Service in creating and updating all the information needed for working and maintaining contact with our customers. In the year under review we trained around 1,800 employees in 13 countries in the CRM system.


To further shape and develop our corporate culture, both employees and managers need to focus on what is required to act in accordance with the values. Various training courses and communication forums are available for this purpose. Around 100 managers and 900 employees participated in our international value dialogues, which focused on core KSB values and were conducted by external facilitators. At Halle, Pegnitz and Shanghai events were also held at which a member of the Board of Management spoke with employees about the importance of these values for KSB’s success, and how employees experience them in their everyday work.

Strong leadership is important for our corporate culture. The “Value-based Leadership – Leading Professionally with the KSB Values” training course has therefore been integrated into our series of seminars entitled “Leadership and Management”. At this seminar, which is mandatory for managers of all levels and regions, participants learn how to perform their management duties based on our values in line with our corporate culture.


In 2011, our employees introduced new processes and systems at many KSB sites. They initiated and implemented strategic projects and set up manufacturing and sales facilities, often taking on these tasks in addition to their daily work. At the same time, they succeeded in retaining the confidence of our customers in KSB through their work in their core activities, thereby ensuring the continued success of the company.

The Board recognises this achievement and is proud of the commitment shown. A special thanks also goes to the members of the employee representative committees, including the Executives’ Committee, for their constructive cooperation based on mutual trust.